IP-based alarm monitoring communicator with GPRS connection

Translates the TIP/RING phone line communication of the alarm centres, forwards it to the set-up telemonitoring, as it is defined in the SIA DC-09 standard. The data transfer is done in the GPRS system of the mobile network, in the form of TCP/IP or UDP packets. Only the CONTACT ID formatted reporting codes, can be  interpreted and forwarded to monitoring, by the device. 

The communicator (simulating a wired line towards the alarm centre) receives the Contact ID event code from the centre, translates it to an IP packet, then forwards it to the telemonitoring station over the GPRS network. The monitoring receiver returns an acknowledgement signal to the communicator, upon receipt of the event, which in turn translates the acknowledgement (Kissoff) and forwards it to the alarm centre. In the same time it can forward the contact signals received on its own inputs, to the monitoring station.

   IP-based signaling of Contact ID codes to monitoring station
   2 IP receivers can be set up
   Notification logic taken over from the alarm control panel
   Incoming Contact ID client code can be sent modified to the IP receiver
   SIM PIN code and device password protection
   Setup and diagnostics over USB connection
   Forwarding of CID-based signaling to IP receivers over GPRS network
   Signaling of contact events
   Not necessary to re-set the existing alarm of a new customer
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   A kommunikátor beállítása
   Az SC-GPRS üzembe helyezése
   Alarm Over IP
Cellular BandsGPRS (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz)
Loop current25mA
Power consumption (max.)300mA
Power consumption (idle)100mA
Impedance100-470 Ohm
Dial tone425 Hz
Line voltage48V
Operating temperature0 … +70°C