LTE Communicators with PSTN Bakup

• MANAGEABLE device, Puloware service available for remote configuration and supervision
• Possible diagnostic and firmware change                                                                                                                                          
• Plastic housing with removable terminals, antenna with magnetic base included 
• Forwarding Contact ID reports from alarm panel, using 4G/ 2G network or through PSTN line                                                
• Additional Ring/tip connection for redundant communication line (PSTN,GSM,LAN,LoRa,Wfi,Radio,...)     
• Supports two receivers, for double or dirrected or backup reporting                                                  
• Simple installation, possible complete pre-programming ( no programming on site)
• USB connection, for local device programming
• Supports SIM PIN and Device password
• 2 beállítható felügyeleti vevő cím, megadható jelzésiránnyal
• 2 inputs, for momentary signaling 
• Supply voltage supervision with separate Contact ID code
• Alarm panels remote programming through serial port virtual connection                                                    

Configurator software   
Version: v2.54
Win 7
Win 8
Win 10