Remotely manageable alarm monitoring communicator with 2G connection

The SC-2G device is an up-to date telemonitoring communicator, operating in the 2G band of the mobile network, which translates the phone line signals (Contact ID) of the alarm contreol panels, to SIA DC-09 type digital format, and sends those to the telemonitoring receivers set-up. Transfer of the signals is done on the GPRS band of the network, in TCP or UDP packet format.

An outstanding feature is that it can connect to a service providing (IoT) server (, which makes the communicator continuously accessible, using a WEB browser. Therefore, the unit is remotely accessible at any time, making the connected alarm control panel remotely configurable and programmable.

   Contact ID signaling to 2 independently configurable SIA DC-09 receivers
   1 contact input with autonomous signaling
   1 controllable output ( from the WEB or from a smartphone application)
   Parameter setting and firmware upgrade remotely using a WEB browser
   Up/downloading alarm control panel settings using virtual serial port emulation
   Alarm panel control and status monitoring from a smartphone application
   Setup and diagnostics over USB connection
   Signaling of Contact ID event codes of alarms in SIA DC-09 format, over 3G/2G networks
   Remote programming of security alarms and fire alarms, over the Internet (diagnostics, sensor bypass, etc.)
   Enhanced security level signaling by 3G/PSTN parallel communication
   Complete control of the alarm from a smartphone
User's manual
2G Configurator   
Win 7
Win 8
Win 10
   Operation of the SC-2G GPRS communicator
   Setup of the SC-2G GPRS communicator
Cellular BandsGPRS (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz)
Loop current25mA
Power9-24V DC
Power consumption (max.)1A @ 12V DC
Power consumption (idle)100mA @ 12V DC
Max. voltage on relay output60V DC
Max. current on relay output2A
Impedance100-470 Ohm
Dial tone425 Hz
Line voltage48V
Operating temperature0 … +70°C