We are primarily involved in the development, manufacturing and sell cutting-edge security technology apparatus. All development and manufacturing is done in-house, thus we can immediately react to any market impact (e.g. large volume order), or unique needs of our customers, be it special features or technological modifications. Our own expectation is compact, quick and efficient work in all areas.

Signaling devices, which can be connected to security alarm and fire alarm systems, transferring the status change events of these alarms to telemonitoring or end users. The products primarily use standard internet-based communication (SIA DC-09), which is forwarded on 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi networks. In addition, they can inform the users of the system on their phones by  giving a call, sending a text message or “push notification” message.

Our goal is to upgrade the signaling infrastructure of the telemonitoring companies, providing the following:

  • making the remote signaling devices visible for the operator (e.g. field strength, operating status, settings, events, errors)
  • remote access to the signaling device (changing setup, control, replacement of driver software, etc.)
  • remote programming of the security alarm control panel or fire alarm control panel, connected to the signaling unit, over 3G or WiFi network
  • visualization related to the alarm event (IP camera URL assignment and opening in case a CID event code occurs)
  • connection to a smartphone application (alarm signaling, open/close, control)

Our products and solutions are built around the IoT (Internet of Things) technology in a comprehensive approach. It is not the number of inputs and outputs, and the mobile generation (3G, 4G) that is important, but the closely managed, transparent and stably operating system, since running a service only makes sense on such a system. In addition we can decrease the dependency and the service costs, by using product built on WiFi communication. Upon request the features of the devices (inputs, outputs, analog signals) can be increased by adding extension modules.

Fully automated manufacturing and testing equipment guarantee error-free production.

All products are tested in EMC lab, and subject to CE Declaration of Conformity on electromagnetic compatibility, thus fulfil the requirements for a marketing authorisation.

  • General guarantee is valid for 1 year
  • Extended guarantee can be purchased
  • For rented systems, we offer a lifetime guarantee

We take orders by e-mail to: info@securecom.eu.

By GLS, UPS or TNT courier service.

By pre-payment made upon our pro forma invoice.

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Please contact us at support@securecom.eu, or give us a phone call at +36 20 / 253 - 8221.

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